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  • One-stop communication consulting.
  • Providing exceptional service to businesses of all sizes.
  • Complimentary cost management: invoice and contract review included.

Industry Respected, Trusted Advisors

  • Over 20 years of telecommunications experience.
  • Consistent representation and support.
  • Eliminates the pressure of direct sales.
  • Approachable, honest, and available.

Consultative Approach to Solving Business Problems

  • Agnostic, hassle-free approach in all engagements.
  • Personalized strategy and solution planning.
  • Assist with carrier negotiations and contract details.

Extraordinary Customer Support

  • J and I Consultants Support will assist with support for every telecom need, regardless of provider.
  • Lifecycle project management, saves time and improves efficiency.
  • Complimentary circuit monitoring service.
  • Live answering of phone calls within 30 seconds when calling for support.
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Your challenges

Here are just some of the challenges organisations are facing that we help them solve. If you’re facing the same or similar ones, get in touch with us and we’ll share our experiences.

Are new collaboration tools challenging your network?

As demand for enterprise video and collaboration tools escalates, doing nothing isn't an option for IT leaders who must meet these new business demands, without compromising bandwidth or security.

Need to achieve secure remote working – at scale?

Now is the time to accelerate transformations to ensure your organisation is properly fit - agile, connected and secure - for the post-COVID-19 world.

Need rapid network activation for acquisitions?

Xalient’s Network Transformation Solutions provide a fast & effective way of overlaying the application connectivity required on top of these often complex network landscapes to achieve fast results.

Facing escalating MPLS costs as demand for bandwidth...

As your organisation migrates to the cloud, you’re facing increasing bandwidth demands from all quarters of the business.

Is your network becoming too complex to manage?

New software-defined networking technologies such as SD-WAN hold the key that enables organisations to manage these new demands whilst reducing the cost.

Is your network fit for Office 365 migration?

A Microsoft 365 implementation may not turn out to be quite as straightforward as you might think, particularly if your existing network architecture isn’t quite up to scratch.

Are your cloud applications totally secure?

Using traditional security solutions to secure your access to cloud applications isn't feasible – a new, zero trust approach is needed and solutions specifically designed for the cloud required.

Time to rethink VPN's post the pandemic?

Remote access VPNs worked well in the network-centric world, but in the age of cloud and mobility, application access needs to be independent of the network. It’s time to rethink secure access.

Are your outdated, disparate ID & Access Management...

Device proliferation, the increasing use of cloud applications, mobile working, M&A, and customer-supplier collaboration programmes add to the overall complexity of the identity landscape and risk.